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Nach Statista betrug der Marktanteil von Chrome 76.0 an den globalen Page Views im August 2019 rund 40,5, Bei Chrome 75.0 lag der Marktanteil bei 16,5. Mozillas Firefox 68.0 kam global auf 6,9, und der Internet Explorer 11.0 auf rund 3,8.
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It keeps your phone safe by showing warnings to you when you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files. Fast downloads and view web pages and videos offline Chrome has a dedicated download button, so you can easily download videos, pictures, and entire webpages with just one tap. Chrome also has downloads home right inside Chrome, where you can access all the content you downloaded, even when you are offline. Google Voice Search. Chrome gives you an actual web browser you can talk to. Use your voice to find answers on-the-go without typing and go hands free. You can browse and navigate quicker using your voice anywhere, anytime. Google Translate built-in: Quickly translate entire web pages. Chrome has Google Translate built in to help you to translate entire web to your own language with one tap. Smart personalized recommendations. Chrome creates an experience that is tailored to your interests. On the new tab page, you will find articles that Chrome selected based on your previous browsing history. From version Google Chrome: Fast Secure 107.0.5304.105.: Thanks for choosing Chrome! This release includes stability and performance improvements. Version Minimum Version. DPI Screen DPI. arm-v7a Android 10.
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The excellent social network always on your Android device. Similar to Google Chrome. CallApp - Caller ID and Block. The most comprehensive caller ID. Test new versions of this browser. A video walkie-talkie to keep in your pocket. A new and more social contacts agenda. Manage your personal account with the Russian Tele2. A featherweight version of Skype. Chat, make calls, and write messages to your friends. Discover Communication apps. Customize your smartphone dialer with this app. All the information you want to know about the people calling you. Repost for Instagram. Manage posts and download photos from Instagram.
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Google Chrome gilt dank seiner Geschwindigkeit als einer der schnellsten Browser. Bei einem Browser-Test lief etwa JavaScript doppelt so schnell wie im Firefox 3.6 oder neunmal so schnell wie im Internet Explorer 8. 1 Chrome besteht aus drei Teilen, wobei der Browser für die Steuerung der Software zuständig ist.
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Google Chrome ist ein schlanker und leicht bedienbarer Webbrowser, der eine hohe Geschwindigkeit beim Surfen bietet und unter anderem deshalb eine echte Alternative zu Mozilla Firefox und Internet Explorer darstellt. 64-Bit-Installer für Windows. 32-Bit-Installer für Windows. Plattformen: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows, Windows 10. Mehr zu Google Chrome: News, Tipps, Specials, Galerien. Video: Top Erweiterungen für Google Chrome. TOP 5 Chrome Erweiterungen Abonniere uns. Fazit: Schlank, sicher, vor allem jedoch unvergleichlich schnell: Googles Chrome Download bietet allerhöchsten Surf-Komfort. Zahlreiche Erweiterungen verfügbar. Verbraucht relativ viel Arbeitsspeicher. Hinweis: Google Chrome für Windows ist als 64- und 32-Bit-Installationsversion erhältlich. Google Chrome 64-Bit und Google Chrome 32-Bit können jeweils über die Downloadbuttons oben oder zur Seite heruntergeladen werden. Daneben gibt es die Vorabversionen Google Chrome Beta und Google Chrome Canary.: Download Chrome Beta. Download Chrome Canary. Google Chrome für Mac ist ebenfalls erhältlich.: Download Chrome für Mac. Darüber hinaus ist Google Chrome als App für Android und iOS verfügbar.:
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Avec ce système basé sur l'infrastructure' sécurisée de Google grâce aux dernière technologies Web ouvertes comme WebRTC, vous pouvez accéder à vos appareils ou partager votre écran en toute confiance. Connectez-vous comme vous le souhaitez, à l'aide' d'un' ordinateur ou de votre appareil Android ou iOS.
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Browsers HOME Browsers OS Browsers Display Browsers Mobile Browsers Chrome Browsers Firefox Browsers Edge Browsers Safari Browsers Opera. The Google Chrome Browser. Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google in 2008. With over 2 billion users, Chrome is the world's' most popular web browser today!
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Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Chrome steht für.: Chrome Computerspiel, Computerspiel von Techland. Google Chrome, Webbrowser von Google. S3 Chrome, Grafikchip von S3 Graphics. Chrome Band, amerikanische Band. Chrome Sänger, britischer R&B-Sänger. Chrome Album, Musikalbum der Gruppe Dat Adam.
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The current version of Chrome complies with more web standards than any other browser, and a frequent update cycle means that security issues and other bugs are knocked on the head quickly. If you find that there's' a feature missing from Chrome, or you like the idea of adding extra functions to websites you use frequently, you have the option of using extensions to do just that, and there's' a huge selection available in the Chrome Web Store.
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The Google Chrome Installer will open automatically. The download and installation process may vary depending on your current web browser and operating system. Step-by-step instructions will appear in the browser window if you are not sure how to proceed. The installer will close when finished, and Google Chrome will open. If you are using Windows, Chrome will add a shortcut on your desktop. Whenever you want to open Chrome, just double-click the icon. You can also access it from the Start menu or pin it to the taskbar. If you are using a Mac, you can open Chrome from Launchpad. You can also drag Chrome to the Dock for fast access.
Does anyone know of any modded apk or remember the latest version where Tab group could be turned off? Posted by 5 hours ago. How to clear Chrome AppData disk usage? CLICK ON JOIN for r/Chrome in your timeline! Chrome Browser, ChromeOS, Chrome everything?

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